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The Troven (Kingdom of Denall Book 1) doc download

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Description : For centuries, young men in their eighteenth year have been sent away from the small village of Dungan for a year-long exile as they begin their journey into manhood. This traditional exile, the Troven, was instituted so that young men may find themselves, find their purpose, and find their place in the world. When Kaz Kinsley and his three friends leave to begin their Troven, all they have on their minds is getting to the first sign of civilization and finding a way to survive on their own. Fate has more in mind for these young men, though. Stone Seekers are on the move, sent by the evil sorcerer Mordyar to find six magical stones, each with the power to enhance one of six gifts every person in Denall is born with. When Kaz unknowingly comes into possession of the Sight Stone, he and his friends become part of the story of the Stones of Power, and their Troven suddenly becomes something much more.

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