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Read Lost Horizon (P.S.)

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Description : Originally published in 1933, “Lost Horizon” gained unrivaled popularity from coast to coast, particularly after Frank Capra’s spellbinding 1937 film introduced audiences nationwide to its stunning tale of revolution, utopia, emotion, and adventure set in a hidden mountaintop escape known only as Shangri-La. When an uprising in Baskul forces a small group of English and American residents to flee, their plane crash-lands in the far western reaches of the Tibetan Himalayas. There, the bewildered party finds themselves stranded outside the protective borders of the British Empire, and discovers access to a place beyond the bounds of the imagination–a legendary paradise, the mystic monastery Shangri-La. New P.S. Edition featuring an essay by Kenneth C. Davis, author of “Don’t Know Much About(R) History” and “Two-Bit Culture: The Paperbacking of America.”

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