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Read Flapjack (The Case Files of Icarus Investigations Book 1)

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Description : The world may never be the same with these two new detectives.

Murphy and Galveston realize there must be more to life than their mind-numbing cubical jobs. Over a barbeque lunch, Galveston attempts to convince his friend to join him in a daring new career as a private investigator. With nothing to lose, Murphy reluctantly agrees. Relying heavily on their humorous wit and questionable tactics, the men employ a creative approach to their investigations. For a time these methods prove successful, until they push too far and find themselves mired in the case of a lifetime.

An explosion rocks a New England university lab, setting off a carefully orchestrated chain of events. A small device has been stolen, a key to the entire world’s energy problems and the power that comes with controlling it. The fate of the device and its inventor lays with the newly self-proclaimed private detectives.

The two men, under the threat of arrest by the FBI, begin to criss-cross the country and the world, picking up clues to the puzzle of the missing device in England, Mexico, and even Brazil. Dead ends seem at every turn, but with the help of an outcast computer expert, a British spy and former flame of Galveston’s, and a new employee whom Murphy can’t seem to keep his eyes off of, the investigators unwind the case using their unorthodox approach, berating each other at every turn.

Who is looking to control this device and its destiny? Is it the huge multinational security firm, a devious billionaire, or a questionable member of Congress. Murphy and Galveston must find out why something so small is causing problems so large, because the hunters are quickly becoming the hunted.

Flapjack has it all – action, adventure, fun, and humor – without profanity or graphic adult situations (but still plenty of mayhem). So join the adventure and escape with the private eyes of Icarus Investigation.

The excitement continues in the next Case Files:

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Snow Cone (Case File #3)

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Stolen Dough (Case File #5)

Bitter Pill (Case File #6)

Microwave (Case File #7) Coming Soon

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