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Description : The only person who gets called Ballardesque more often than Chuck Palahniuk is, well… J.G. Ballard. So, does Portland, Oregon’s “torchbearer for the nihilistic generation” deserve that kind of treatment? Yes and no. There is a resemblance between Fight Club and works such as Crash and Cocaine Nights in that both see the innocuous mundanities of everyday life as nothing more than the severely loosened cap on a seething underworld cauldron of unchecked impulse and social atrocity. Welcome to the present-day U.S. of A. As Ballard’s characters get their jollies from staging automobile accidents, Palahniuk’s yuppies unwind from a day at the office by organizing bloodsport rings and selling soap to fund anarchist overthrows. Let’s just say that neither of these guys are going to be called in to do a Full House script rewrite any time soon. But while the ingredients are the same, Ballard and Palahniuk bake at completely different temperatures. Unlike his British counterpart, who…

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