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Lumber Jacked epub Download

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Description : This Lumberjack’s Wood is Long, Hard, and way too Hot to Handle!
Grady Cole is as rugged as he is sexy. He lives in a remote cabin in the woods with his baby daughter. The last thing he expects is a beautiful, innocent girl, lost and alone, to fall into his life.
But that’s exactly what happens.
Out hunting, he finds a girl unconscious in the snow.

Autumn Lane is nineteen and out on her own for the first time. She’s homesick, vulnerable, and completely alone. When Grady brings her back to his cabin she feels things she never knew she could. She’s attracted to the strong man who has offered her warmth and safety. She wants to feel the touch of his coarse hands on her smooth skin. She wants him to be her first.

Grady craves Autumn like the mountain wolves crave their prey. He knows it’s wrong. She’s nineteen and he’s thirty. She came to him for protection. She trusts him. But he can’t help it. He’s been cold and lonely too long and needs her to keep him warm at night. He wants to devour her, to possess her, to make her cry out his name and beg him to keep going.

Is she the one who can heal his wounds, bring his heart back to life, and give his baby the love and care she so desperately needs?

Lumber Jacked is a hot and steamy romance about a man who craves a woman’s soft touch, and a woman who yearns for the strength and grit of the man on the mountain. It is intended for adults and contains a very satisfying, happy ending!

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