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Black Ops – Heroes of Afghanistan: Ghosts of Tora Bora doc download

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Description : Tora Bora, a name lodged in people’s minds, despite the passing of the years. Once a refuge for the world’s most wanted man, and the scene of an epic battle. Decades after the guns stopped firing, the bloodshed is back. Into the maelstrom, Rafe Stoner, former US Navy SEAL, and his partner Greg Blum, search for a missing American soldier. A female infantry lieutenant, with connections that go all the way to the White House.

What awaits them is a nightmare of violence. On one side, Taliban insurgents, who have brought the caves back into use. On the other, an American infantry unit led by a gung-ho officer. Stoner and Blum need to reach the caves to locate the missing lieutenant, but both the Taliban and the overzealous, arrogant infantry officer are determined to stop them.

It is the start of a long and brutal journey. First, they must confront the ghosts from the past, and then a ghost from the present. A throwback to the historic Battle of Tora Bora, a man they thought was dead. The journey takes them across the snow-covered mountains into Peshawar, the notorious drug and gun capital of Northern Pakistan. It is only the beginning, for the action moves back to Afghanistan, for the final epic confrontation with the enemy.

This is an incredible story of tough, violent men in a tough, violent land. Black-Ops: Heroes of Afghanistan – Ghosts of Tora Bora is the latest title by the bestselling author of many Special Ops novels. These include the popular SEAL Team Bravo stories, the Raider series, Echo Six, and several Devil’s Guard titles.

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