Ornish Lifestyle Medicine

Protecting hearts

Delivering the first and only program scientifically proven to reverse heart disease without medications or surgery.

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Our mission

At Sharecare, our mission is to empower the health and well-being of every person by focusing on simplifying every part of their healthcare experience. The Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program by Sharecare provides a comprehensive whole health program available to those interested in reversing or preventing heart disease.

During enrollment, our professionally trained specialists customize an exercise, food, relaxation and sharing plan for each participant. Those same specialists meet with participants in live, small group settings designed to “meet people where they are” and enable life-changing transformation.

The impact for providers & patients

Ornish Lifestyle Medicine creates value by transforming the lives of patients and by generating clinical and financial outcomes for our partners.

Comprehensive care

Updates to each participant’s physician maintain continuity of care throughout the program.

Simplifying engagement

With several physical locations in the U.S., our program uniquely offers participants the choice between onsite or at home participation.

Sustainable success

Upon completion of our program, participants receive lifetime digital access to all materials covered in their program plus thousands of additional support materials.

Success stories

I have the tools that I need to make a difference in my life.

John, 65 years old

I have four children & a husband.
I want to be able to take care of them. Not the other way around.

Faith, 58 years old

This program gives a person hope.

Dave, 54 years old

Powerful outcomes

Average improvements from 14,000 patients in just nine weeks.


exeperienced reduction in activity limitations due to angina


decrease in blood pressure scores


decrease in cholesterol levels


decrease in blood sugar levels (HbA1c)

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